Most Popular Content by Date Range project brings the well known blogs feature most popular articles from a specific date range to Joomla.

It consists of a Joomla module and a plugin, and It is intended to work primarily with Joomla native articles.

Packed extensions:

  • Module - mod_articles_mostpopular : generates a list of popular articles within a selected date range
  • Plugin - plg_content_mostpopular : tracks articles page views for later processing


  • Selectable date ranges
    • Last 1 day
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • All time
  • Show articles from all categories or selected categories only
  • Include/exclude featured articles
  • Filter articles by Joomla current language

How does it work?

The extension starts to track article hits from your selected categories after enabling the plugin. Any previous hits will not count in the Popular Articles list.


Joomla 3 compatible Package file:


  1. Download installation file.
  2. Go to your site Administration area and select "Extensions / Extension Manager" menu
  3. Upload file and select "Upload & Install"
  4. Go to "Extensions / Plugin Manager" and enable "Content - Most Popular by Date Range" Plugin
    1. If you do not enable this plugin, the extension will not work as It can not track your content views

  5. Customize module parameters in "Extensions / Module Manager" Most Popular Content by Date Range module


  1. Go to "Extensions / Module Manager" and select "Most Popular Content by Date Range Package"

You can also uninstall each module and/or plugin directly but the package will remain appearing on your extensions list


Any contribution is welcome!


If you use this extension, leave a comment and please post a rating and a review at theĀ  Joomla! Extensions Directory page.


What articles will be present on each date range?

When an article is viewed at the frontend, it automatically adds a hit to all the date ranges, so "All time" date range should include articles from all the others ranges too, "30 day range" include articles from 7 and 1 day ranges, and "7 day" includes the 1 day range.

Why it shows an empty list beside I've installed and enabled the extension?

It can happen that no hits has been recorded after enabling the plugin. You can try to open any article at the frontend and it should start appearing on the module article list.


This extension was designed based on the excellent WP Most Popular Wordpress plugin by Matt Geri.